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Understanding Defense & Prosecution

During his tenure as the First Assistant District Attorney for Williamson County, Mark gained insight and valuable experience that translates directly to his work for defense against criminal charges. As the First Assistant, Mark supervised prosecutor trial teams, and he supervised the process and presentation of felony cases being brought to the grand jury. In addition to this, Mark personally responded as a representative of the District Attorney's office to major crime scenes and advised police agencies as the crime scenes unfolded. As First Assistant, Mark responded to all cases with officer-involved shootings. Mark Brunner understands the case from the prosecutors' points of view, and he uses that understanding as a tremendous asset in his preparation of your defense.


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Years of Experience

Mark has ten years of prosecution experience as an Assistant District Attorney in Polk and Williamson Counties, with over three years' experience as the First Assistant District Attorney. He also has six years of criminal defense experience, handling cases throughout Central Texas. He graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, in 1993 with a B.A. in Psychology, and from Southern Methodist University School of Law in Dallas, Texas, in 1997.

Strictly Professional

Having the proper legal representation can mean a world of difference in any legal case. Attorney Mark Brunner will aggressively fight for your rights from plea negotiations all the way to trial if that is your choice.


The state's attorneys know which lawyers have a reputation for toughness and skill, and which lawyers have a reputation for weakness. Attorney Mark Brunner has been practicing law in Williamson County since 2003 and has earned a reputation for being a skilled and tenacious fighter. When you have a first-rate attorney, it is a signal to the state that you are in the fight to win.


After less than two years as a defense attorney, Mark was named Rising Star by Thomson Reuters service in the Texas Monthly magazine 2007 Super Lawyers Rising Stars edition, an honor given by peer evaluation to less than three percent of Texas attorneys.

More About Mark

When Mark was offered the First Assistant District Attorney position in Williamson County, he was deliberative about whether to accept.  He ultimately decided to put his growing defense practice on hold in order to put in his time to work in the service of the County.  "Our judicial system is premised on the middle course - the middle course is justice.  There needs to be an equally strong hand on the wheel, pulling for the defense, when the State brings all their might to bear.  When each side, the prosecution and the defense, pulls the wheel in their direction, the course that results is tilted in neither direction - it is right down the middle.  I believe it would be  in the best interest of justice if all criminal law attorneys would have an opportunity to work for the State as well as the defense."


"I truly love the law and believe that everyone deserves to have their rights upheld."

- Mark Brunner

Experience in the field of law includes working with:

» Williamson County District Attorney's Office, First Assistant, Georgetown, TX, from January 2013 to May 2016
» The Texas Fair Defense Project Lecturer, in Spring of 2012
» Assistant Coach, Southwestern University Mock Trial Team, 2011, 2012
» Williamson County Bar Association CLE Speaker, Lectured on Expunctions and Non-Disclosures Spring 2011
» Williamson County District Attorney's Office Georgetown, TX, from January 2003 to December 2004
» Polk County District Attorney's Office Livingston, TX, from November 1998 to January 2003
» Zelle & Larson, LLP, in Dallas, TX, from July 1996 to June 1998
» Baker & Botts, LLP, in Houston, TX, from January to August 1994

On Justice

"In the old days when someone was accused of a crime they might have had to face trial by combat. The result of this combat was considered justice. The King would have his champion, someone who was specially trained to fight and win. The average person was at a disadvantage. The only answer would be to hire someone equally as skilled or better than the King's champion. People needed their own champion. Although today we don't fight for justice in a physical contest, when you are accused of a crime, the courtroom is the battlefield. The government still has its champions -- the prosecutors -- and if you are accused you still need your champion. I have excelled at both sides of the modern judicial combat as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.  I am ready to be your champion."

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