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I'm All Ears

In this day and age when almost everyone is walking around with an easy to use and easy to conceal...

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Triple Zero May Not be the Winning Number

...even blowing .000 on a breathalyzer machine will not fully protect you from a charge of...

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Felony Ranges of Punishment in Texas

...felonies in Texas are subdivided by penalty range from least serious to most serious as follows...

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Pre-Trial Release Officers

Who acts like a probation officer, and talks like a probation officer but isn’t a probation officer?

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The High Court Gets It Right:  Buck v. Stephens

The issue was whether Buck should receive a new sentencing hearing because the jurors heard testimony from a (defense!) expert witness that the defendant was more likely to commit violent crimes and pose a future danger because he is black...

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DWI vs. DUI: What’s the (Texas) Difference?

In Texas the difference between a DWI charge and a DUI charge can hinge on two factors, the level of intoxication, and the age of the driver...

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The Rules to a Very Serious Game

"As a criminal defense attorney, I am often called to engage in another kind of strategic competition: trial." Click to read more >>

Police Bodycams: For Every Solution, Two New Problems

A very compelling article from the New York Times is worth a close read.  It details some of the dizzying array of problems that may arise with the bulk collection, retention, and distribution of body camera video by police agencies.”. Click to read more >>


The Non-Religious Juror: A Growing Population

In this interesting article by the folks at Keene Trial Consulting, they discuss findings by the Pew Research Centers on changing American demographics, and how this may affect juror pools.  What I found particularly intriguing was the finding that the number of Americans who identified themselves as “religiously unaffiliated” grew sharply from 35.6 million in 2007 to 55.8 million in 2013.  This number includes those who formally declare themselves to be atheists as well as those who merely do not identify with a particular establish religion or are “religiously unsure”. Click to read more >>

Parking While Black

Court Grapples with “Parking While Black” Scenario The 7th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing arguments in a case that involved police officers searching a parked car. Sounds pretty routine?  Well, this particular search, in the opinion of at least one law professor, this case involves “an egregious instance of police aggressively targeting black motorists who may be illegally parked”. Click to read more >>

Real Americans Serve on Juries

We Americans are proud of our rights – and (forgive the pun) rightfully so! The unique balance between governmental power and individual freedoms outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights has survived many challenges, and adapted to significant changes in culture over the many years of this Republic. Click to read more >>

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